Scholarships, Experience, Innovation

The goal of  Legal potential is to provide scholarships to law students, experience through high-tech clinics, and development of technology to better the legal community.

Right now Legal Potential is in Phase 1 Creating scholarships through the sale of t-shirts;  Phase 2 will include the development of high-tech legal clinics that will provide students and recent graduates the opportunity to gain hands on experience while providing support to their local communities and the last phase will be the development of technology to better serve the legal community.

LP Cycle of progressAll profits will flow back to scholarships for law students because we believe  that if students have less debt they are more likely to practice in an area of law of interest rather than just for a paycheck let alone try to stay afloat with loan repayments.

The ultimate goal of Legal Potential is to be a positive influence in the legal community without begging for help and assistance but adding value and helping law students begin their legal careers with less debt and more opportunities because advanced technologies.
So how can Legal Potential help you?
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