A year ago, I joined a group of friends and completed the Tough Mudder in Tahoe. A total of 12 miles, 20+ obstacles and mud. Much like law school I enjoyed the process, it was difficult and was worth it for the “experience”; however, I think I would prefer doing the tough mudder again over going to law school again.

One of the major factors impacting the legal industry is the need for law students to come out of law school with E.X.P.E.R.I.E.N.C.E. (typing that I imagine you singing out loud to the tune of R.E.S.P.E.C.T. so go back and re-read/sing that line if you didn’t) In the last post I discussed how my “stupid” idea to sell t-shirts lead me down the path to creating scholarships, yet without having sold more than a handful to my friends I realized the number of shirts I would need to sell to have a significant impact and started to think again, how else can Legal Potential add value to the community and to law students, another light bulb went off and realized that if we establish clinics that would help students gain experience while still in school.

Of course most law schools have clinics but there is a sufficient gap in the ratio of clinics to law students and there are only a few focused on Intellectual Property, Employment, Contracts/Licensing. So while I was taking an entrepreneurial management class I realized that the start-up community could benefit from such a clinic for basic training and advice that could fit in clinic type setting.

Students would benefit by gaining valuable experience assisting fledgling companies ,developing connections that would transfer well to working at a firm, and bringing established relationships and potential new business to the firms they are hired on at upon graduating.

The other aspect of the clinics would be career advice and development opportunities for law students seeking alternative career options, or just seeking alternative venues to explore career paths.

So beyond t-shirts and scholarships, Legal Potential will establish clinics to provide Experience to law students, while adding value to the local community.

Up Next: Innovation, how collaboration with start-ups will lead to innovative legal tech


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