Beyond T-shirts; Scholarships

I Heart Law School

The original idea of Legal Potential was to sell t-shirts that defied the cliché law school/university book store designs. However, as I continued to read articles that discussed the changing legal economy, the downturn due to the recession, to the law school tuition bubble, I realized there was a greater need than just selling t-shirts. While re-thinking what was needed and how I could become involved and influence the future landscape of the legal industry, I read the book: The Power of Starting Something Stupid. Richie Norton who authored the book, breaks down how several “Stupid” ideas like micro blogging aka Twitter have become massive success stories. I realized my idea doesn’t need to be groundbreaking or the next billion dollar tech star, but still could make an impact and help others.

If it isn’t obvious by now, my thoughts and ideas evolved and I decided to sell t-shirts and use the profits to create scholarships. I realize I am going to need to sell a few boatloads to really impact scholarship funds (especially with the current costs of attending law school), yet every bit counts. No doubt there are thousands of students who would appreciate even an extra $1000 to cover the cost of books. You can help by placing an order for a t-shirt or simply sharing this information with others on Facebook or Twitter.  We welcome feedback and suggestions on how Legal Potential can be of more assistance to the legal community as a whole and to law students.

Up Next: Experience, how legal clinics can add value to law students and local communities

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