lp (1)I am so happy to launch the “Legal Potential” blog with more content to follow shortly! I was at law school buying my $1000 worth of books and saw the incoming 1L’s their eyes full of excitement and fear at the same time. I can’t believe that was me two years ago and little did I know than how much duty and responsibility I undertook.

It is amazing to see time fly by, and we are  all either awe-struck at how much we have grown and developed or shocked by how little progress and results we have achieved. It is only through looking at our past, that we can truly evaluate where we have been and how that relates to where we are. Reviewing our results is the only way to establish if we are still on track to get where we are going( in the most general terms). Yet without reflection the present has no perspective. The purpose of this blog is to be a platform to help those in the legal community and other professionals to live up to their potential.

I hope you find this blog informative, inviting, somewhat intellectual and motivating. I welcome comments and feedback and collaboration.



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